Innovation in 2018: Milestones and Predictions

LinkedIn Pulse | Innovation in 2018: Milestones and Predictions

An unprecedented chapter of human, economic and scientific development

Global Markets:

  1. Massive IPOs (Xiaomi $100B; Saudi Aramco $1T; SpaceX: $50B)
  2. Booming India and bouncing Africa on-track to challenge China (Population; GDP growth)


  1. Restored American Spaceflight capabilities (H2: Dragon-2/Starliner crewed missions to the ISS)
  2. Doubled low-Earth-orbit payload limits (Jan: Falcon Heavy maiden flight: Jan)
  3. Emerging space tourism (Late: SpaceX around the Moon flights)
  4. Surging Chinese unmanned missions (June: Moon far-side landing) and crashes (Q1: Chinese Space Station)
  5. Renewed planetary study missions (NASA Mars, ESA Mercury, JAXA: Asteroids)


  1. More powerful (4x) AI activated (IBM Summit Supercomputer)
  2. More predominant autonomous cars (>1% miles driven)


  1. Further shape-up at Winter Olympics (KR)
  2. Evolutionary connectivity enhancements (fit LTE to 5G)
  3. Rolling 5G spectrum auctions
  4. Commercial availability remains in ’19


  1. More premium 3D printing (medical, luxury)
  2. Massively disruptive fabrics (35x tougher-than-steel) after multi-$Bn Kevlar market


  1. Booming human gene editing (20x CRISPR trials expected)
  2. Stronger genetics regulations (therapies; performance enhancement)

Source: roadmaps of global scientific and business organizations.

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