Career Recipes for Scientists in Business

There is a massive demand of knowledge-intensive profiles rivaling that of academia and top scientific organizations. Tech corporates, –  with Google, Facebook, Apple at the top – allocated more resources than NASA: investing $30B in R&D, employing 2,000+ scientists and filing 8,000+ patents per year. Moreover, a search of jobs posted in LinkedIn in the past month containing related keywords (e.g. Scientist, Researcher, PhD or Data Science) show 100,000+ results (49,594;  30,902; 29,396; 21,043 respectively)

However, shifting from academia does not guarantee a satisfactory outcome. Both external and internal factors play. Despite being out of our control, a strategic approach is required for a long-life success.

Our suggested approach is built around 5 pillars.

  1. Look ahead at the professions that will exist in 2030
  2. Find a mission, rather than a passion
  3. Plan ahead your development, skills take years to master
  4. Pitch your expertise
  5. Make your science count

Full presentation shortly available on YouTube.


Honored to speak at the 2018 Marie Curie Alumni Association General Assembly #MCAAGA18 that took place at KU Leuven Belgium on February-3 2018, where this presentation was shared.



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