Data Privacy Essentials from Facebook’s F8

Facebook’s F8 kicked-off its 2019 event with a new Privacy vision in response to ongoing regulators scrutiny (Federal, EU and international investigations) and increasing competitive pressure (Snapchat’s Q1: 39% Y/Y; TTM 40% Y/Y growth), despite no effect on user or revenue growth (Q1: 26% Y/Y) and its continued role as a preferred platform for business (20 billion messages per month between people and businesses reported)

FB aims to be a “private space for everything good from people, communities and businesses”. According to Mark Zuckerberg, FB is moving from the digital town square to the digital living room. Yet, with illegal and abuse activities flourishing under the umbrella of encrypted online communities, this move is not far from controversy (FB bans 2M accounts per month).

The ambition is based on several privacy concepts:

  • Right to be let alone (dedicated space at the center, one-on-one conversation)
  • Control over information (permanence of stories, secure data storage)
  • Secrecy (E2E encryption by default)
  • Limited access (restrictions to developer program)
  • Safety: Experimental tools to the fight against online bullying, dangerous or harmful behaviors.
  • Interoperability: across all FB networks (1.6B users across Messaging, Whatsapp, Instagram)
  • Digital Marketing References

Product Announcements

Product announcements across the board with focus on user experience simplicity, privacy control and commerce. Intelligence applications or changes on the newsfeed algorithm not on the spotlight.

Customer stories presented:

  • +15pp NPS (AirFrance)
  • +12% in-store traffic (Non-Disclosed Retailer managed by ConverSocial)
  • Conversational AI (Berlin-based Spectrm)

On top of the privacy focus:

  • Messenger: App (75% storage reduction; New desktop); Commerce (Instant Booking; Lead Generation Templates)
  • Whatsapp: Commerce (Business Catalog); Payments
  • Facebook: Redesigned site; Groups Tab; Desktop Apps (W; MacOS); Dating
  • Instagram: Redesigned expression (stickers, survey); Commerce (Interests)
  • VR (Oculus): Rift S; Quest (no cables)
  • AR: More platforms for Spark
  • Portal: Native Messenger/Whatsapp support
  • Infrastructure: Speed (25% faster with ~1ms cold start)
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