Author: Dr. Fran Cardells

Dr Fran Cardells is affiliated to the World Economic Forum and trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies as Data Strategy & Analytics Subject Matter Expert. Boosting Enterprise Value of Financial Services, Retail and Consulting firms with Digital customer experiences, and World-class Analytics. In addition, unlocking the strategic potential of technologies - across vendors, roadmaps and trends - with actionable and digestible engagements as global Speaker. Dr. Fran is a former Senior Director of Cloud Applications and Digital Services. Fran played a key role building and strengthening data-based businesses to exceed changing customer's expectations including Google Local services and Salesforce's suite of intelligent applications. Fran has an excellent track of record shaping emerging Computer Science technologies. Influenced 10 Google Patents, contributed to global technical communities such as IEEE and held research positions at HP. PhD and Oxford/HEC Paris Alumni.